For All The Thick Women:Why Men Prefer Dating You

bestcurvydatingsitesMany people say that men prefer thin and thin girls to chubby girls. In fact, this is wrong. Here we find some amazed reasons why men prefer fat girls. Read this articles to learn more...

Men like challenges.
They like to conquer fat women. A fat man or woman may have a large personality that matches her body shape. If you can prove that you can handle this personality, it shows that you can handle yourself well. A thick girl may challenge you in many ways.
They feel better about hugging.
The bigger the girl, the better she feels to hug them, isn't she? You can have a lot of hugs, and their soft bodies make you feel more comfortable and warmer.
It feels great to be intimate with fat girls.
 Fat girls have curved bodies, and it's best to be close to these curved girls, which many men really like. They tend to be more adventurous during intimate.
They are the best exercise partners you can have.
 Having a chubby girl as your exercise partner is the best thing you can have, because she's likely to accept the idea of exercising, and she'll try to exercise twice a day, which is very encouraging and gives you the confidence and courage to exercise.
They are very interesting.
According to statistics, a woman with a sense of humor has a sense of humor. If you want to be with an interesting, loving and cheerful girl, the fat girl is the best. Their attitude is calm. They are calm and humorous, which makes them calm. They don't worry about small things, they understand their shortcomings, accept them, and that's why they can take it well. They are not so picky. Obviously, they are not so critical because they are cold. They tend to focus on the overall situation of life rather than minor defects. She knows that you are with her because you love her, and that's what she needs to know. They are mentally strong. As we mentioned earlier, they have a good personality, which makes them confident that they are dealing with their problems well. They are strong enough to be independent and not afraid to face problems.
In short, the fat girl has many advantages, I do not elaborate, you need to get along slowly experience!


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