How do we ask questions on the first date to better understand each other?

bestcurvydatingsitesUsually, a first date is a great opportunity for you, because you can basically get to know your partner. But digging too deep into your partner may give you a picture of despair. Therefore, step by step is the key. On the first date, you should hold the joke and prolong the conversation time to seize the day.

What is your outlook on life and values?

This problem can open a lot of topics. And it will mainly explore your date's life goals, dreams, morals and desires.

Usually, this question allows you to know who you are dating. By understanding their morals, goals and aspirations, you will know if she is your ideal target. That's why this question should be the reason for your first date.

What is your personality?

It is very important for the future appointment to go smoothly to understand each other's character. And the key is to have a clear understanding of their personality. This is the simplest way you know.

A person's character is formed in many ways. This may be their career, environment or even friends. But no matter what personality is, the key is to familiarize yourself with yourself and let you know who you are dealing with.

Some personality is intolerable. At the same time, there are also some characters who are not very co-ordinated. For example, people who overreact can't get along at all. Similarly, introverts and extroverts can also have social problems. As a result, you can know what kind of type you want.

So, personality is a problem that must make up your first date.

Who inspires and motivates you?

Know your date, including motivating and motivating people. We must pay attention to the most influential figures in his life. At the same time, you should know when you are most influential to him or a part of their lives. Knowing this is your greatest interest because you can date a perfect date, which leads to a relationship.

Taking this into consideration, you can also motivate and inspire you. You may like your date because of the motivation and inspiration.

This is a very important issue, because it will be in your favor. So don't forget your questions about first date.

What are you passionate about?

Dating a new person can cause a lot of anxiety and tension. This is because you really don't know what to do or what to do in front of them. Asking them is the ultimate solution. By asking, you will know how to behave.

By telling them about their passions, especially what they love, you get to the heart of their lives.

It could be travel and adventure, cooking, singing, dancing, and even reading. No matter what the result is, you know what you are going to face. So if you are in love, you will know how to deal with it.

On the other hand, you may be infected or attracted by these characteristics. Because of this, you can be happy to have something in common. Do things you like.

This makes the problem a key issue for your first date.

How about your leisure activities and your spare time?

This may be a very important part of dating. As partners, having common interests and preferences is the first requirement for maintaining relationships. Therefore, leisure activities play a key role in this reality.

Therefore, before associating with the next level, leisure and free time activities must be streamlined. If on the contrary, you and your partner will argue about what should be postponed.

On the other hand, you may meet a perfect date. A person who shares leisure activities with you. In such a case, your appointment will go well.

It is worth noting that the activities one does in his free time are very important to them. According to your cognition, your date may be an alcoholic, lazy person or career oriented person. This question will put the reality behind. No matter what they do this time, they will tell you what kind of person they are.

At the end of the day, you can decide for yourself if they really want to live with you.

It all started with your first date!

Give a Vote of Appreciation

At the end of the day, you may be grateful for your appointment. This is a way of attracting and respecting people. Because you can't say what you expected of them before the date, you'd better ask. Your date may wish to have a date in a park or garden, but this has not happened. By discovering, you will know their disappointment, joy or suggestion on their first date. Through this, you know where to improve.

When you finish your date, express your desired appointment and expect second ideal appointments.


Your first date questions should focus on knowing your date better. As such, they shouldn’t touch on sensitive topics that may scare off your date or portray you as a desperate figure. Instead, they should be easy and stimulate to your date.

Ask appropriate first date questions and win someone’s heart!

Hope this blog can help you with a successful date!


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